“Seam Readers Read, Recognize and React to every pitch every time”.

Dennis Tiefenthaler, Co-Founder, Seam Readers


Ladies and gentleman,

welcome to Seam Reader’s eighth blog of all time. We need to again thank you all for continuing to hear what we have to say. The feedback on our methods continue to humble and amaze us. We have been fortunate enough to get our message out to over 100000 people in this month across all of our platforms.Thank you, thank you, thank you God.   

Our mission at Seam Readers World Wide is to provide content that is very hard to disagree with. Content that once explained wreaks of common sense, where the parents, coaches and players say that makes to much sense to not be accurate. When it comes to the Seam Readers process we think that step one, Always think fastball first and adjust to everything else, is hard to argue with when we have the all time hits leader Pete Rose saying on video the exact same thing. We also believe steps two and three describing what we do in the on deck circle, finding pitcher release points and loading our hands and transferring our weight to our backside all have vast universal agreement as well. It is step four, which talks about knowing the rotation of the pitch before the location of same pitch. This is where Seam Readers and Guess hitters may go in a different direction in their training. We believe though that when we compare these two philosophies side by side and with World Series Manager of the Chicago Cubs and current Los Angeles Angels manager Joe Maddon saying you are a better hitter reading what pitch is coming next as opposed to guessing same pitch. We feel we are in a pretty good position for saying we may have a consensus here in our way of thinking as well. 

So based on everything just written, with the agreement that this way of doing things makes you a tougher out at the plate. We are going to summarize, Seam Readers read the seams of the ball (Identify the pitch), recognize the location (ball or strike) and react to the pitch (swing or not swing). So remember READ, RECOGNIZE and REACT to every pitch every time.       


At home Drill: The drill for read, recognize and react is a fun one. For this drill the coach will need white and orange ping pong balls. The drill is a soft toss drill that requires the coach to toss the ping pong balls at the hitter. The hitter is to read, recognize and react to either white or orange. White is the color they should swing at and hit. Orange is the color they let go. White may represent certain pitches or even strikes where orange may represent balls or pitches you don’t want your hitter swinging at.