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A Skill as old As the Game itself

Become a better hitter today! Learn to identify the pitch by reading the seams of the ball.

How seam readers is helping players around the WORLD!

At Seam Readers our mission is to help teach baseball and softball players of all ages one of the only constants when it comes to hitting. Seam Reading is the ability to identify a pitch based on how it looks. We say it is one of the only constants at the plate because every pitch has a certain rotation to it giving it a specific look. This skill is sometimes undertrained as well as un-taught and we want to change that. With our training system, the confusion on what to do at the plate is eliminated and Seam Readers all over the world are born.

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Learn The story behind the seam reading movement

Learn the history behind how reading the seams of the ball became a teaching tool and how the owners of Seam Readers have used this skill throughout their playing and coaching careers.  This book will open your eyes to how seam reading works and gives clear descriptions and color photographs of each pitch type. This book is not only an interesting read, it’s also a tool that you can use to help your player learn the faces of the ball.   

Seam Reader App

Coming Soon


Seam Reader is a training application for your handheld device. The app will help players learn to read the seams of the ball and advance their skills without ever setting foot on the field.  The app relies on the constant of the ball spinning and the way the seams change depending on the type of pitch thrown. The app is designed to be fun and natural learning experience.

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Testimonials & Professional Seam Readers

Billy Hatcher

Current MLB Coach

“I used to stand in the bullpen to learn the Seam Rotation on the pitches. I did not want to be guessing what pitch was coming next at the plate”

Andy Pratt

Current MLB Scout

“The ability to be a Seam Reader and read the seams of a pitch has, and always will be a huge part of a hitters success. Learning this will set them apart from the competition”

The Makers Of Seam Readers

Our Story

Seam Readers was founded from an idea that originated 30 years ago by Dennis Tiefenthaler.  While the term “seam reading” was coined by Dennis, the skill originated in the 1870’s when baseball design we know today was invented.  In the early days, the skill was only taught to high level players and could only be taught in person.

Dennis made teaching the Seam Reading method his life mission. After training many players he recognized that while the method was effective, the limitations of strict face-to-face coaching would make it hard to teach these skills to the masses.  He knew there had to better way to teach players the many different faces a ball can have.

This is where Jared Tiefenthaler, Dennis’s son, entered the picture and changed the business. Jared already knew about the skill from his father and even practiced it himself when he played throughout his childhood. It wasn’t until Jared’s senior year in college where idea began to expand and the Seam Readers business as we know it today was born.

In Jared’s research he found that this skill is no longer taught or even known to players as it once was. This fueled Jared to create the Seam Reader App and Website where players can get an understanding of what Seam Reading is and train their eye to recognize what each pitch looks like.

The goal at Seam Readers has always been the same; to make kids better players by training their eyes as “Seam Readers.”

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